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Only Up: Stickman Parkour

Only Up: Stickman Parkour

"Only Up: Stickman Parkour" is an action-packed platformer in which your hero must overcome challenging obstacles while climbing ever higher.

Only Up: Stickman Parkour - Reach New Heights!

Introducing the thrilling platformer, Only Up: Stickman Parkour, where your stickman hero embarks on a relentless climb, scaling greater heights, collecting valuable coins, and confronting exhilarating challenges at every turn. In this game, your journey to the top is defined by your choices!

Customization and Transformation

Only Up: Stickman Parkour offers an extensive wardrobe of skins for your stickman character. Select from a diverse range of outfits and witness your stickman undergo remarkable transformations as you ascend to greater altitudes.

Chart Your Path to Success

In this dynamic game, you hold the reins of your destiny. Select your preferred path, strategically planning your route to reach the summit in record time. Brace yourself for an array of obstacles and cunning traps determined to impede your ascent.

Compete and Conquer

Challenge your friends to a race to the top! Compete to be the quickest to conquer the game and secure a place at the pinnacle of the leaderboard.

How to Play

For PC controls:

  • WASD buttons: Move
  • Space: Jump
  • R: Return to the control point
  • P: Access the store

For mobile devices, use the on-screen joystick and buttons.

Only Up: Stickman Parkour is a heart-pounding platformer that will test the limits of your stickman's climbing abilities. As you ascend to new heights, you'll encounter thrilling challenges, accumulate valuable coins, and embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

With a plethora of customization options, you can redefine your stickman's appearance, making your climb uniquely your own. The power to reach the summit is in your hands as you strategize and navigate through various routes, all while contending with obstacles that will assess your reflexes and decision-making skills.

It's time to ascend to new heights in Only Up: Stickman Parkour. Good luck and may your climb be triumphant!

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