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Only Up: Russia

Only Up: Russia

The fascinating parkour game Only Up: Russia challenges and urges players to ascend its dizzying heights in a battle against gravity.

ONLY UP: RUSSIA - Conquer the Heights in a Gravity-Defying Adventure

Get ready for a thrilling vertical conquest in Only Up: Russia, an extraordinary parkour game that challenges your skills and nerves as you ascend to dizzying heights, defying gravity itself. High above the vast expanse of the Russian landscape, a towering test of your abilities awaits, reaching into the very clouds. The mountain beckons, inviting the explorer in you to claim another summit. With unwavering determination, you harness all your power and precision, bouncing between footholds that seem almost ephemeral. As you ascend the crumbling rock, you reach, lunge, and scrabble for any crack or crevice that brings you closer to the summit and the glory that awaits.

A Vertical Adventure Awaits

Prepare to embark on a vertical adventure like no other, where the only way is up! In "Only Up: Russia," your mission is to conquer numerous levels, each packed with a multitude of obstacles and opportunities. You'll face challenges that will push you to your limits and compel you to surpass your previous achievements as you aim to set new records for completing each level with the fastest time. With each ascent, your desire to outdo yourself and reach the pinnacle of success grows stronger. Sharpen your reflexes, plan your actions meticulously, and navigate the terrain with precision to overcome all the hurdles that stand between you and victory.


The objective of the game is straightforward: reach the end of each path from start to finish as quickly as possible! To navigate this gravity-defying adventure, you'll need to master the following controls:

  • WSAD: Use these keys for movement.
  • Space: Jump when you need to clear obstacles or gaps.
  • Shift: Activate acceleration to propel yourself forward.
  • ESC: Pause the game to catch your breath and strategize your next move.

Only Up: Russia offers an exhilarating challenge for those who crave the thrill of scaling great heights and conquering gravity itself. With each successful climb, you'll stand tall, victorious, gazing upon the landscape far below, ready to answer the call of the next mountain. The only way from here is down, but the memories of your epic ascent will stay with you as a testament to your incredible parkour skills and unwavering spirit. Are you ready to ascend to greatness?

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