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Only Up GO Parkour

Only Up GO Parkour

Your primary objective in the thrilling third-person platformer "Only UP GO Parkour" is to soar as high as you can while attempting to avoid falling.

Only UP GO Parkour: Ascend to New Heights in This Vertical Adventure

Welcome to the heart-pounding world of Only UP GO Parkour, where the challenge lies not in traversing sprawling landscapes but in scaling dizzying vertical heights. This unique and exhilarating platformer will put your dexterity, quick thinking, and strategic prowess to the test as you embark on an epic journey upward.

Conquer the Vertical Space: An Unconventional Platformer

The defining feature of Only UP GO Parkour is its focus on conquering vertical space. As a player, your mission is to ascend using an array of objects that serve as your stepping stones. These objects range from humble containers and boards to more intriguing choices like abandoned planes, robots, crumbling buildings, subway cars, ships, and towering cranes.

Parkour Elements: A Test of Skill and Agility

Prepare to be challenged as parkour elements come into play, adding an exciting twist to the gameplay. Instead of racing horizontally through levels, you'll be racing upward, encountering unpredictable obstacles and dangers as you ascend. Your success will depend on your agility, quick reactions, and strategic thinking.

Failure Is Not the End: Perseverance Is Key

In Only UP GO Parkour, each fall presents a setback, but not a game over. You'll restart from the point where you faltered, enabling you to continue your relentless ascent. Every fall is a lesson, and every climb takes you one step closer to the pinnacle.

Claim Victory at the Summit: The Flag of Triumph

At the culmination of each level, you'll proudly plant a flag symbolizing your victorious conquest of the towering heights. Climbing to the very top signifies your mastery of the level and your ability to overcome the challenges it presented.

How to Play: Reach for the Sky

Your primary objective in Only UP GO Parkour is to ascend as high as you can, aiming to reach the finish line. There are no losses in the game—only falls. Depending on where you tumble, your journey to victory continues from that point.


  • WASD: Movement.
  • Left Shift: Run.
  • Space: Jump.
  • C: Crouch.
  • Escape: Pause.
  • Mouse: Look.

Only UP GO Parkour supports mobile controls, ensuring that the thrill of vertical ascension is at your fingertips, no matter where you choose to play. Are you ready to defy gravity, embrace the challenge, and ascend to new heights? The climb awaits!

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