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Welcome to the Enchanted Realm of Mergest Kingdom: A Merge Puzzle Odyssey

In the realm of Mergest Kingdom, every merge counts as you craft a magnificent fairytale domain from scratch. Embark on an enchanting journey where merging resources isn't just a game mechanic, but a gateway to the creation of a mesmerizing kingdom. Dive into the saga of this unique merge puzzle game, where every merge unravels a new mystery and every quest leads to a magical discovery.

Unveiling the Features of Mergest Kingdom

Resource Mining and Harvesting

Mergest Kingdom beckons you into a world abundant with possibilities. With its innovative gameplay, you can merge resources ranging from the humblest gem to the mightiest dragon. The game lets you build your kingdom step by step, starting with the most basic elements and evolving into grandeur. Delve into the art of merging and witness the transformation of simple raw materials into majestic structures and thriving communities.

Exploration and Kingdom Expansion

Unleash your creativity and carve out your own path in the vast and unexplored lands of Mergest Kingdom. Encounter fantastical creatures and discover untapped resources as you chart the course for your expanding empire. Shape the landscape according to your whims, merging objects to your heart's content and witness the breathtaking growth of your realm, stretching infinitely beyond your imagination.

Embark on Quests

Engage in a series of intriguing quests that keep the kingdom buzzing with activity. From unraveling hidden treasures to solving mystical puzzles, each quest promises a rewarding adventure. Earn gold, gems, and exclusive rewards that pave the way for new quests and endless possibilities. Don't miss the daily quest, a gateway to additional wealth and riches that await your return.

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Setting Foot in the Realm

Release Date:

April 2021 (Android and iOS)

May 2021 (HTML5)

Accessible Platforms:

  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS

Embark on the journey to Mergest Kingdom and witness the magic that unfolds when creativity meets merging mastery. Build, merge, and conquer your way to a kingdom of unprecedented wonder and glory!

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