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Bad Time Simulator

Bad Time Simulator

If you venture into the realm of the Bad Time Simulator, be prepared for a ruthless challenge. Developed by indie developer TobyFox and inspired by Undertale

Mastering Sans: A Guide to Surviving the Bad Time Simulator

Part 1: The Sinister Challenge Begins

Do you dare to have a bad time? If you venture into the realm of the Bad Time Simulator, be prepared for a ruthless challenge. Developed by indie developer TobyFox and inspired by Undertale, this game plunges you into a heart-pounding battle against Sans, the formidable final boss. Your agility and control skills will be pushed to the limit as you strive to protect your heart from enemy onslaughts.

The Notorious Sans

Meet Sans, the seemingly easy-going skeleton character adorned in a blue jacket from Undertale. Don't let his laid-back demeanor fool you. Sans is, in reality, a final boss possessing terrifying epic powers. He can conjure and manipulate bones, unleash deadly lasers, and wield an arsenal of formidable abilities, all aimed at your demise. In the Bad Time Simulator, Sans is out to destroy you, and your survival skills will be put to the ultimate test.

Understanding the Game's Mechanics

To conquer the Bad Time Simulator, you must first master the mechanics of soul modes and Sans's attacks. These are the keys to crafting effective strategies for surviving the relentless onslaught.

Soul Modes

Your heart will assume two distinct modes in this battle: the blue soul mode and the red soul mode.

  • Blue Soul Mode: In this mode, your heart gains control over gravity. The longer you press the joystick, the further your heart moves. Precision control is the name of the game.
  • Red Soul Mode: In contrast, the red soul hovers and moves easily in all directions. It lacks the gravity-manipulating ability of the blue soul.

Sans's Attacks

Sans employs a variety of formidable attacks designed to test your mettle. Here are three standout examples:

  • Dragon Skulls: Enormous skulls appear and fire beams of destructive white light, obliterating anything in their path.
  • Psychokinesis: Sans gains the power to move your soul, adding a layer of complexity to the battle.
  • Bone Attack: Two types of bones, white and blue, come into play. Green bones are friendly and cause no harm upon impact. White bones, on the other hand, sap your strength, and the screen fills with them, making survival a daunting task.

Part 2: The Battle Tactics

Facing Sans in Battle

The Bad Time Simulator is no walk in the park. Success hinges on your control skills and agility. Amidst your battles with Sans, you'll engage in intriguing conversations with him. Beware of his words, for Sans can strike when you least expect it, delivering a lethal blow when you're vulnerable.

Evading Sans's Attacks

Prepare yourself for a perilous yet exhilarating battle against Sans. Your soul, represented by a heart, is the target of Sans's relentless assault. Your primary mission is to guide your heart safely through the onslaught. Each time you evade an attack, Sans will swiftly launch another, leaving you with no room for complacency. Vigilance and quick reactions are your allies in this intense showdown.

Preserving Your Heart's Integrity

Monitor your character's health bar closely. Onscreen buttons for Fight, Act, Item, and Mercy provide vital tools to restore your heart's strength after surviving Sans's assaults. Healing items like Steak, L.Hero, and L.Hero Page 1 can revitalize your character. Guard your heart jealously; if it shatters, the game ends prematurely, and a host of challenging attacks and obstacles await your return.

Part 3: A Variety of Game Modes

Exploring Game Modes

The Bad Time Simulator offers an array of game modes to suit different player preferences:

  • Normal Mode: This mode presents the game in levels, each increasing in difficulty. Conquer them one by one to emerge victorious.
  • Practice Mode: If you're new to the game, practice mode is your best friend. Use it to familiarize yourself with the mechanics and tactics.
  • Endless Mode: Test your endurance against Sans in this mode, where battles against the epic-powered skeleton never cease. How long can you withstand his relentless attacks?
  • Single Attack Mode: This mode allows you to experience individual attacks unleashed by Sans. Even if you struggle with some attacks, you can still enjoy the others.
  • Custom Attack Mode: Currently unavailable in this version, custom attacks for monsters like Papyrus and Undyne are in the pipeline for future updates. You'll be able to create or add custom attacks using Joe Zeng's version of the game.

Unearthing Answers to Common Questions

  • Who Made the Bad Time Simulator? The game is inspired by Undertale and was originally created by pokemaster2005. It has since been developed and remade by Jcw87. You can now play it on web browsers and Android devices.

  • How Many Attacks Exist in the Game? Sans boasts 24 attacks in total, divided into two parts. The second set of attacks is notably more challenging than the first.

  • Is There an Unblocked Version of the Bad Time Simulator? Yes, the Unblocked version is integrated into the original game, ensuring accessibility via web browsers anywhere.

  • How Do You Attack Sans? Sans may seem invincible, but you can strike when he sleeps. Survive his special attacks, and when he dozes off, seize the opportunity to attack. However, remain absolutely still and silent, as any movement or sound can awaken Sans, plunging you back into the battle.


  • Use the up and down arrow keys for menu navigation.
  • Press Enter or the Z key to select options.
  • Press X to go back.
  • Use arrow keys and WASD to move.
  • Press X to attack.

In conclusion, the Bad Time Simulator is a relentless challenge that demands precision, quick thinking, and a keen understanding of its mechanics. Facing Sans is no small feat, but with practice and determination, you can conquer this epic showdown. So, are you ready to have a bad time? Dive into the world of the Bad Time Simulator and prove your mettle against the legendary Sans!

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