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Only Up: Will the Sensational Climbing Game Come to PS5?

The heart-racing journey of Only Up has captivated the gaming community, inviting players to conquer an endless mountain of challenges. Thrilling and nerve-wracking, this PC sensation has taken the industry by storm, with leading influencers like Dr Disrespect and xQc tackling its formidable obstacles. The intricate gameplay mechanics ensure that every misstep carries a weighty consequence; a single fall can result in losing hours of progress, propelling players back to the game's unforgiving starting line.

Amid the excitement surrounding Only Up, ardent console gamers eagerly anticipate its arrival on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch. Despite the growing fervor, SCKR Games, the masterminds behind this addictive climbing experience, have yet to reveal plans for expanding to other platforms. Understandably, with the title's current success on Steam, the developers might be focusing on preserving the game's seamless performance on PC before venturing into uncharted console territory.

Meanwhile, the community is consumed by the pursuit of speed, with determined players striving to achieve record-breaking times. Recently, one ambitious streamer completed the game in a staggering 33 seconds, sparking a frenzy of competitive attempts to match or surpass this feat.

While the console release of Only Up remains shrouded in mystery, stay tuned for the latest updates on its potential expansion to the PS5 and other platforms. For more thrilling updates from the gaming universe, keep a close eye on Dexerto's Gaming section, where the pulse of the industry never stops racing.

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