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Slither Io - Play Online Now

Slither IO, an addictive snake game where you accumulate interesting colored dots and climb the prestigious leaderboard...


About Slither IO

Slither IO is an awesome online game where you control a snake that grows by eating colorful dots. Your goal is to get bigger without crashing into other players. It's easy to play on both computers and phones, which is why so many people love it!

The Story Behind Slither IO

Created by Steve Howse in 2016, Slither IO combines the classic snake game with multiplayer action. It's loved by people of all ages because it's easy to understand but offers plenty of challenges to master.

How to play Slither Io

Visit the website https://slithergame.io/ to play online for free

Click play now to go to the game screen


Controlling your snake is intuitive. You can use arrow keys or your mouse to navigate the arena. The key mechanic lies in strategically maneuvering your snake's body. While consuming orbs makes you grow, colliding your head with another snake results in your demise. However, if another snake collides with your body, they explode, leaving behind a trail of orbs you can consume to gain a significant size boost. This risk-reward mechanic keeps gameplay exciting and unpredictable.

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